Wendell Jamieson, Senior Advisor for Policy and Communications at Sutton for the City, was recently featured in a City & State news article discussing the ever-changing climate of journalism and investigative reporting. Wendell Jamieson, former metro editor and published author, has been at the forefront of the change, keeping an eye towards the future.

“New York City’s local media is in flux as reporters, editors and publishers figure out how to navigate a rapidly changing news landscape and stay afloat while providing critical coverage. The Times’ 2016 decision to scale back its metro section meant publishing fewer stories, but focusing on enterprise reporting with high impact. Then-metro editor Wendell Jamieson intended to publish more stories with national or international interest that would appeal to an ever-growing audience outside the five boroughs. His model was expanded by his successor, Clifford Levy, who continued to focus on fewer incremental reports and more high-impact stories, including through a new investigative unit for the Metro Desk…”