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Wendell Jamieson
Wendell Jamieson

Wendell Jamieson has made a career out of telling New York’s stories. Over the past three decades, Wendell Jamieson has served as an editor for no fewer than four major publications in the city, headed countless investigative endeavors, and written two books. Currently, Wendell Jamieson has turned his professional efforts away from print reporting and towards strategic communications, where he intends to apply his storytelling talents in new and influential ways.

Wendell Jamieson spent eighteen years working for the New York Times, including five as editor for the newspaper’s powerhouse Metro desk. Under Wendell Jamiesons’s leadership, the department brought in two Polk Awards and was a four-time finalist for Pulitzer. Highlights of Wendell Jamieson’s efforts include investigations into the treatment of immigrant women working at nail salons, the troubling conditions prisoners face at Rikers Island, and the crumbling state of New York subways. These stories, among others, played a significant role in changing the conversation around key issues — and, in some cases, laws.

Though Wendell Jamieson has had an editorial hand in nearly every major story to cross the Times’ desk since the early 2000s, he is perhaps best known for some of his earliest work. Collaborating on “Portraits of Grief,” an extensive undertaking that profiled thousands of those lost in the tragedy of 2001, was Wendell Jamieson’s first significant assignment as a staff editor. The project was hailed as a way for New York to share in its collective grief — the following year, it helped earn the Times a Pulitzer Prize for public service.

Wendell Jamieson’s work has not been confined to newspaper reporting, however. In late 2018, Jamieson released “New York by New York” — a beautiful and expansive art book that chronicles the culture and social movements of New York City in images. At its publication, critics for the Times called “New York by New York” by Wendell Jamieson as the “perfect gift.”

Outside of work, Wendell Jamieson enjoys spending time with his wife and two children.