Wendell Jamieson
Wendell Jamieson
Wendell Jamieson has made a career out of telling New York’s stories. Over the past three decades, he has served as an editor for no fewer than four major publications in the city, headed countless investigative endeavors, and written two books. Check out his blog!

NYC mayoral candidates for 2021 race focus on small-dollar fundraising, lowering average donation sizes | Wendell Jamieson

Wendell Jamieson | Senior Advisor on Policy and Communications | Sutton for the City "We’re very pleased by the amount we raised in just two months, with most of it coming in the final week,” Sutton policy adviser Wendell Jamieson said. “We’re also excited by how New Yorkers from all walks of life are supporting Gen. Sutton, even in [...]

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Loree Sutton Out-Raises Ruben Diaz Jr. with VIP Donations in Mayoral Race

Wendell Jamieson recently joined the Sutton for the City campaign as Senior Advisor for Policy and Communication. As the race continues, Wendell shares his thoughts and outlook on the trajectory of the campaign. He was recently featured in a New York Post article discussing the campaign fundraising efforts. Read the full article featured Wendell Jamieson here!  Sutton’s senior adviser [...]

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Is Local News Doomed?

Wendell Jamieson, Senior Advisor for Policy and Communications at Sutton for the City, was recently featured in a City & State news article discussing the ever-changing climate of journalism and investigative reporting. Wendell Jamieson, former metro editor and published author, has been at the forefront of the change, keeping an eye towards the future. "New York City’s local media is [...]

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Wendell Jamieson Interview Featured on IdeaMensch

Read the full interview with Wendell Jamieson on IdeaMensch! Wendell Jamieson has spent a career delving into New York’s stories. A writer and editor with over three decades of experience in his craft, Jamieson is well-known in the city’s journalism circles as an investigative reporter. He contributed to four of New York’s major newspapers, but is best-known for his [...]

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Wendell Jamieson Featured on QNS

Originally appeared on QNS: By Mark Hallum | | Monday, September 9, 2019: 1:30 PM "How do journalists approach a local story when their audience is consists of a broader geographic range? According to editors from publications that have withstood the financial downturn in the industry, it all boils down to perspective and finding pothole stories that every [...]

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